Grizzly Adventure Page #2
Part two of the Grizzly Bear Adventure

Grizzly Adventure Page #3
Part three, the story continues

Grizzly Bear Adventure Page #1
North to Alaska as the saying goes. Many times on the road over the years in "Draco" the only 4x4 Oshkosh Expedition Truck ever built from an M1000 ARFF chassis. Headed for Kodiak for a flight into a local lake where the Kodiak Grizzlies live. The problem is with nature photography is exactly that, it's nature. The climate is changing, the fish aren't where they are supposed to be so neither are the bears! Once in Kodiak the tour company told me I'd have to go to Katmai on the mainland. rather than spending a few hours with people not really all likely to be willing to stand in ice water for an hour for "the shot" I was told I'd be dropped off for the day. The story begins..........................Click on the pictures for the "full sized versions"

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 The Grizzly Adventure